NEWSLETTER 11 (March 2005)

  • Chinese New Year 2005 at Lynnsport a few weeks age was very good, but if anyone have any suggestion on the event please advice Kwai Li. Also, thank YOU and sponsors for a successful event.
  • The Chinese Lion Dancers performed very well, despite their short training times.
    Next Lion Dance training session ( 11.45 to 2pm ):
    Sunday 20 th March 05 & Sunday 24 th April 05.
    We will be learning new lion dance movements and needed more new people to join-in, please come.
  • The next event is the Dragon Boat Race (at Leziate, near Kings Lynn) on Sunday 26 th June. ( 9am -3pm )
    Anyone wish to participate in this event please contact Peter Lee ( tel: 0787 906 0268 ) as soon as possible.
  • The First Aid Course on Sunday 20 th February 2005 at the Chinese School , where 20 members attended, It was successful day. If anyone who missed the course, and having 15 people or more are interested we can organise another one. Leaflet enclosed or Contact Kwai Li
  • At the Chinese School the English lesson class is going well, Anyone who wish to join-in, just come along.
    We have 62 students at the Chinese School . We are organising a mobile library van to visit the Chinese School (12 th June ??), adult and children can visit the library van which will stock specially ordered Chinese and Chinese related books and audio materials for you to barrow. At the same time we are trying to access grants to assists Chinese School (will keep you posted).
    Further information relating to Chinese School contact Denny Chan (tel: 07790527405)
  • Financial year account of the association enclosed. Any queries please contact Clenems Lai ( 07889288771)
  • Kwai Li (your chairman) would like a part-time assistant, to help with the weekly administration of the Association's matters. Interested volunteers please telephone: 0797 621 9508
  • Also, anyone interested in attending meetings at the Kings Lynn Council and other places, please let me know.
  • If you have change your address please let me know (contact: Kwai Li)
  • Finally, the next WN&DCA committee meeting: Sunday 24 th April 2005 at 11:30 pm at Double Happiness (Norfolk St. King's Lynn) All members welcomed.