News Letter 4 (Nov. 2003)

  1. Questionnaire assessments from our last function: mid-autumn festival gathering. Actions have been taken and finding results for others.

  2. Setting up our Chinese Lion dance team. With the help from Peterborough Chinese Association. We would like volunteers to be part of this team, please contact Kwai Li or Denny Chan (tel: 07790 527 405). Will involved travelling to Peterborough one or twice a month for training (Tuesday 3-6pm ), This will operate From March 2004.

  3. Peterborough Chinese Association would like to perform Chinese Lion and Unicorn Dance during 2004 Chinese New Year week (Wed. 9am to 1pm ???), for any take-away or restaurant business establishments (£80-£100 per establishment). They would need to display about eight performances during that day to make it worth their time to visit Kings Lynn and District areas.

  4. Discussions of Chinese New Year 04 in Kings Lynn, (any suggestions welcome) and, discussions of 2004-5 association's annual programme.

  5. An unfortunate incident happened concerning one of our member, who was attack by youths in the town centre during last month, police are actively dealing this case.

  6. A bid for funding from Health Demonstration Programme had failed, but waiting for result of two more funding grants, and applying for another one.

  7. Health and hygiene course …Congratulation to over fifty people taking part.

  8. Supper Feast- on Sun. 23 rd Nov. 11pm . At Phoenix Restaurant, Wisbech.
    (£20 per head). Please telephone: 0797 621 9508 (Kwai Li) as soon as you can, for the caterer to purchase the right amount of fresh foods.

  9. Introducing Primary Care - concerning National Health Service culture.
    Date & Time: Sunday 30 th Nov. 03 (12 noon). All welcome.
    Venue: The Chinese School, Field Road , Gaywood, Kings Lynn.
    There will be a Cantonese/Mandarin translator available on the day.

    Would like transport or more information telephone: 0797 621 9508 (Kwai Li)

  10. Congratulation to: Kam Yu Lau and Kwun Fong Wong's newly born daughter, on 9 th October-03, 11.23 pm , weight: 5lb 15oz. Named: Choi Yiu Lau. Mother and baby both are in good health.

  11. Basic English learning class now set up at the Chinese School 12-2pm

Apology to all our volunteer Chinese teachers, and others who cannot attend the Basic English class at the Chinese School . But I have research and found other free English classes at other times for you to attend. Plus you can also organise a class (minimum of eight people) & have it at your own location. Contact- Kwai Li (tel:0797 621 9508)


Sun. 3-5pm Friends Meeting Place , Bridge St. (Tel: 773905 klars)
Mon. 5.30-7.30pm Friends Meeting Place , Bridge St. (Tel: 773905 klars)
Mon. 9.15-10.45am Anglia College (Tel: 761144 Anna Hodkinson)
Mon. 10-12noon Deaf Centre, Railway Road (Tel: Jenny Walker 669239)
Tues. 2-4pm Deaf Centre, Railway Road (Tel: Jenny Walker 669239)
Tues. 10.11.30am Anglia College (Tel: 761144 Anna Hodkinson)
Wed. 7-9pm Deaf Centre, Railway Road (Tel: Jenny Walker 669239)
Wed 1-3pm The Library, Gaywood (Tel:768498)
Fri. 7.30-9pm Evangelical Church ,Gaywood (Mary Harper Tel: 775759)

If you are interested in any of these classes, just turn up, or contact the above tel. no.