News Letter 5 (January 2004)

  1. Setting up our Chinese Lion dance team. With the help from Peterborough Chinese Association. If interested please contact Kwai Li.
  2. Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey.
    Celebration Date: Sunday 1 st February 2004 ,
    Entrance fee: members and special guests free, other non-members:£5 each or £10 per family.
    Time: 11am to 2.45pm
    Venue- at Lynsport Centre, Greenpark Avenue , Kings Lynn (map enclosed)
    Same format as previous New Year celebration, we recommend that each member bring some foods to the venue for everyone to share. During the celebration there will be: children performing, Tai Chi display, Chinese Lion Dance and firecrackers. Raffles tickets will be on sale. The aim of this traditional cultural event is to rise money for our Chinese School (with 40 students), which has been operating for the last twelve years. To raise further funds, we are asking your generosity of- vouchers, products/gifts, money/cheque, or any other raffle prizes.
  3. Health and hygiene course …regarding it certificate, no news yet.
  4. Supper Feast- on Sun. 23 rd Nov. 11pm . At Phoenix Restaurant, Wisbech - Attended by 30 people. We would say…big thank you to Peter Yim , Nancy and their staffs for catering for us on the late evening.
  5. Introducing Primary Care - concerning National Health Service culture-Attended by 25 people. On Sunday 30 th Nov. Thanks for Jason Yow, Trish Turner and Mark for giving us the lecture, it was very good, and for those who had missed the lecture and wish to learn, let me know and I can organise another session, Mark and Trish are quite willing to do it again.
  6. Free English learning class now set up at the Chinese School 12-2pm – New students are welcome…just come along.
  7. Our Chinese School is very short of teachers, if you or you know of any one who wishes to help please let me or Denny Chan know. We are at present searching for more grant funding for our Chinese School
  8. £4000 was given to our Association by the Kings Lynn Council during November, and £1500 was awarded to us for Community Champion from Cambridge . Total £5500.
  9. Our association's constitution is now drafted and will be sending you a copy for approval soon. When received, please read through it carefully and give us your relevant view or approval.
  10. NEWS...NEWS… A Chinese couple had stolen about £20,000 from a Take-Away shop in Cornwall , south of England . So, be careful and be safe, at home and at work. If you have other news please let me know. A Chinese news paper “The Epoch Times” will be sending there newspapers to me regularly. If you wish to receive a copy first, please let me know.